Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unidentified Callers se moer

Why do certain companies (and individuals) hide their "Caller ID" ?
Often it's the slime trying to sell you credit, although I seem to have scared enough of them off recently. (In the guise of Mr G. Yusuf)
Why on earth should Volvo Cape Town not want me to recognise their number when they call me?
If enough people simply bounced all "Unidentified Callers", would they get the message? Probably not, the corporates are not known for their ability to listen.

In future, all "Unidentified Callers" will be answered with

"This phone does take not accept calls from unidentified callers"


  1. Absolutely right you are - we hereby adopt this excellent policy. Spread the word!

    PS: What I hear some switchboards can´t handle to send the no. .. back to the drawing board if so - maybe Apple should make an iSwitch, how about it Steve... I´ll buy one!

  2. Most of these people (if not all of them) actively block their CLI. It's like knocking on someone's door and then expecting to be let in when you refuse to identify yourself....
    What we really need is a bit of software that automatically re-routes unidentified calls into an endless holding pattern over the hole in the ozone layer (with an irritating North American voice telling them why!)Heads up software developers.