Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now here's a T-shirt logo...........

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prince Albert Dikwiel Kommando

Thirteen ultra elite members of the international super-extreme cycling fraternity have recently earned the right to call themselves Members of the Prince Albert Dikwiel Kommando.

This hectic event took place under challenging circumstances, with a committed group of four struggling to set the record during the inaugural running of the event. They eventually succeeded, setting the bar at 20h30min. Try beating that.

The Thomas family earned the first full family membership.
In keeping with tradition we had two Subjects of the Crown in our ranks. (Marius and Audrey, you would do well to remember what happened to Breaker Morant) Maybe skip through Mud Island on a different passport next time?
Jan Nel took the challenge in his stride, but was nearly disqualified for doing the whole thing in about 7h30.

  • Steve "One is all you need" Porter
  • Steven Thomas
  • David "The Navigator" Waddilove
  • Bennett "Pyjama" Thomas
  • Di "Windhoek-Hunters" Thomas
  • Ricky "Racer" Thomas
  • Jan "Nou gaan ek Ry" Nel
  • Fiona Coward
  • Audrey Gerber
  • Marius Gerber
  • Olaf "The Mechanic" Klostermann
  • Curt von Keyserlingk

Honorary posthumous membership is awarded to Curt von Keyserlingk, for encouraging me in these endeavours, and for all the support and encouragement over the last few years.

Olaf Klostermann is an associate member, primarily in recognition of his theory that anything is possible on a singlespeed.

In keeping with modernity, you may apply to have your certificate made into a spoke card, but only if you ride a single speed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go well, Curt

may the road be smooth
gently undulating
generally downhill
with a few hills to keep you fit (and in front of us!)

may the rohloff maintain it's teutonic efficiency
may your laugh echo out loud
may you find the best routes
we'll join you sometime